Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bakery recipe standards- have to be written in the fp journal!

Standards For Bakery Recipes – 1st Year

1. Bread rolls
Golden brown in colour soft and spongy texture, smooth and even crust with a pleasing fresh baked aroma and taste.

2. Vanilla buns
Soft and springy with a light golden crust and a dominant aroma and taste of vanilla.

3. Madeira cake
Rich and dense structured cake with a light golden brown cake top and uniformly cracked where the strips of peel are intentionally placed.

4. Swiss rolls
A soft, light and airy cake sponge sread over with thinned down mixed fruit jam and neatly rolled into a cylinder.

5. Bread loaf
Smooth golden brown crusted bread, having a soft crumb with uniform web structure.

6. Genoise sponge
A light and airy but slightly moist sponge cake with ample height and a darker top.

7. Melting moments
Off white colour cookies flecked with crispy bits of cornflakes, flat and round in shape with a closed and compact texture and having a pleasing lemon aroma and taste.

8. Swiss tarts
A light golden yellow colored biscuit with a compact and crumbly texture, and a buttery flavour.

9. Brioche
A soft light and airy bread made from a rich yeast dough, with a golden brown colour and a smooth crust complete with a dainty knob of dough on the top of it.

10. Mango bavarois
A rich creamy dessert generously flavored with mango and with a light and airy texture.

11. Fruit cake
A rich dark brown cake heavily laden with fruit and nuts, and lightly flavored with mixed spices, has a distinct taste of the fruit and a very pleasing aroma.

12. Chocolate cookies
Brown in color wit dark flecks of chocolate spread over the surface and desirable cracks in the cookie.

13. Tri-color biscuits
Off white in color, neatly cut into a circular shape. Brittle texture and Dusted with icing sugar and garnished with three different colored jams.

14. Caramel Custard
Smooth and light baked custard, with a golden brown caramel top. Delicately flavored with vanilla or a hint of nutmeg.


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