Friday, March 19, 2010

recipes for the week of 24 - 30 march

Spaghetti Carbonara No. of Portions 4

Ingredients QTY Unit
Spaghetti 200 Gm
Bacon 50 Gm
Oil 10 Ml
Butter 20 Gm
Garlic 10 Gm
Egg yolks 3 No.
Cream 200 Ml
Salt To taste
White pepper powder To taste
Parmesan cheese 20 Gm

1. Trim bacon and cut into medium pieces.
2. Peel and chop garlic.
3. Cook spaghetti in salted water and drain. Sprinkle oil and toss.
4. Mix egg yolks and cream.
5. Grate cheese.
1. Heat bacon and allow to render.
2. Add butter and garlic. Cook on a slow fire.
3. Add liaison. Cook over a slow fire – stirring the pan all the time.
4. When the sauce is thick, add the spaghetti, salt and pepper. Toss well.
5. Let spaghetti get coated with the sauce evenly.
6. Cook over a slow fire for 1-2 minutes.
To serve:
Transfer the spaghetti to a pasta bowl, sprinkle cheese and serve immediately.

Pasta should be coated evenly with sauce. Sauce must be rich and creamy. Served hot garnished with parmesan cheese.

Fillet of pomfret meuniere No. of Portions 4

Ingredients QTY Unit
Fillets of pomfret 4 No.
Salt To taste
Pepper powder To taste
Lime 2 No.
Refined flour 15 Gm
Oil 30 Ml
Butter 30 Gm
Parsley 1 Bunch

1. Marinate fillets with salt, pepper and some lime juice.
2. Chop parsley finely.
3. Prepare seasoned flour.
4. Cut one lime into wedges for garnish.

1. Dust each fillet lightly with seasoned flour.
2. Heat oil on a griddle and shallow fry the fillets to a light brown colour on both sides. Take out on absorbent paper to drain oil.

To serve:
Just before service, heat butter in pan and let it froth. Wait till the froth disappears and sprinkle few drops of lime juice. Sprinkle parsley. Pour this ‘beurre noisette’ over the fillets and serve immediately as the parsley sizzles.

Neatly cut fillets, light brown in colour, tender and juicy. Coated with nutty flavoured butter. Served hot.

Ratatouille No. of Portions 4

Ingredients QTY Unit
Egg plant 75 Gm
White marrow 75 Gm
Onion 50 Gm
Garlic 10 Gm
Capsicum 50 Gm
Tomato 150 Gm
Tomato puree 100 Ml
Olive oil 20 Ml
Sliced bread 4 No.
Salt To taste
Oil To deep fry bread

1. Cut egg plant, white marrow and capsicum into even sized dices and blanch in boiling salted water separately. Peel and cut onions into dices.
Remove the crust and cut bread slices into triangles or roundels and deep fry in oil till golden brown (croute).
2. Peel and chop garlic. Blanch and concasse tomatoes.

1. 1. Heat olive oil and garlic together. Sauté onion lightly and add tomatoes. Add water if required and simmer till thick.
2. Add egg plant and white marrow. Cook till vegetables become tender.
3. Check seasoning, adjust consistency.

To serve:
Reheat just before service. Add capsicum. Transfer to a service bowl. Arrange the croutes around and serve hot.

Vegetables cooked well, in tangy tomato-onion sauce, well-flavoured with garlic. Served hot as an accompaniment.

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