Tuesday, November 10, 2009

vacuum cleaner- housekeeping


In India with a large unemployed popularity on, mechanized cleaning was considered a luxury, uneconomical and a socially irrelevant proposition. However with the opening of the Indian economy to multinationals and liberalization of trade, it is now possible to freely import mechanize cleaning equipment. This has brought about a great change in housekeeping standards in factories, hostels, hospitals and other public places. In spite of the industry having a substantial growth of 15-20% p.a there are very few indigenous manufacturers of cleaning equipment and most equipments are imported from Italy, Germany, USA, manufactures perceive India as a large and growing markets for their products. The estimated domestic market is over a hundred crores with a healthy growth rate every year.
Mechanized cleaning equipments is not cheap especially as imported machinery attract a 21% tax and 16% excise duty. The buyer, therefore has to choose the right equipment in order to be cost effective or to get the optimum results from mechanization
The most commonly used cleaning equipments are:
1) SWEEPERS: Manually pushed or powered by engines/batteries
2) SCRUBBERS: Electrically/battery operated


A vacuum cleaner or suction cleaner or colloquial British English also called a Hoover is a device that users and air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up the dust and dirt from most surfaces. The first patent for a vacuum cleaner that cleaned rugs was in 1869. H.C Booth is credited with inventing the 1ST vacuum cleaner in 1901, initially powered by gas it was then switched to electricity. W.H Hoover brought out his companies first vacuum cleaner in 1908.

Working of a vacuum cleaner
1. It removes debris soil and or water from a surface by suction
2. All vacuum cleaners operate on the principle of suction
3. An electric current operates the motor
4. The motor is attached clean to a fan which has blades like an aeroplane propeller
5. As the blades turn they force air inwards the exhaust port or outlet
6. Thus a partial vacuum is created in the vacuum cleaner
7. This causes air pressure to decrease in the vacuum cleaner as compared to the outside
8. The partial vacuum at lower pressure causes a suction action
9. Air from the outside rushes in through the intake port or inlet
10. Rotating brushes positioned near the inlet kicks up dirt and dust from the surface being cleaned
11. This dust and dirt is picked up by the air stream rushing
12. The dust filled air stream find its way to the exhaust port passing through the vacuum cleaner bag on the way
13. The bags are made up of woven materials like cloth or paper which acts as an air filter
14. Most of the air passes out of the bag but the dirt particles are trapped within
15. The relatively clean air passes out of the exhaust port to the outside while the bag collects the dirt from the surface being cleaned.

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