Wednesday, November 11, 2009

bell desk -housekeeping

Bell desk

Bell desk / Bell stand / Porter’s lodge
Operations at this desk are controlled by Bell captain / head hall porter. In case of large & very large hotels this responsibility is taken care of by the senior bell captain.
There are bell boys/ porters/ page boys working under the bell captain.

This small desk is located:
• In the lobby
• In front of the front desk
• Near the entrance
• Near the luggage elevator
The ‘left luggage room is located next to this small desk.

Bell desk communicates with:

1. Doorman

2. Reception/ Information/ Cashier

3. Lobby manager

Functions performed

1. Paging of guests.
2. Handling mail & messages for in-house guests.
3. collection of room keys from the guest at the time of departure & depositing at the reception.
4. Handling and distribution of newspapers & magazines.
5. Attending outside calls.
6. Postage stamps and outgoing mail.
7. Handling other services like door service, car parking, crew/ group wake call service.
8. Helping lobby manager to check discrepant rooms.
9. Handling and storage of luggage left by the guest for temporary storage.

Basic equipment used

1. Luggage trolley
2. Intercom telephones
3. Postage scales
4. Date & time stamping machines
5. Stamp folder
6. Luggage net
7. Paging board